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A Journey of Connection Years in the Making

Stephanie Beard and Jackelyn in 2016

A Sponsor and a Partner Reunite

In 2012, Stephanie Beard attended a Family Legacy event hosted by her neighbor and felt an immediate connection to the work of the organization. This complemented her heart for missions, inspiring her to begin sponsoring a young boy named Messah.

By 2015, Stephanie’s husband, Brian, felt a strong desire to meet Messah in person.

Jacqueline and Stephanie posing together at Camp Life 2016

Jacqueline and Stephanie in 2016

By 2016, Stephanie, Brian, and their three children were traveling to Zambia for their first Camp Life.

During this journey, Stephanie met Jacqueline, a Zambian partner whose vibrant energy and infectious enthusiasm made a lasting impression. Together, they were able to create unforgettable memories, their spirits lifting the group and each other. Stephanie recounts that trip as “extremely emotional and life-changing”—at the time, she had yet to learn just how much that would be true.

Fast forward to 2024, Stephanie and her family were on their latest Camp Life trip with Family Legacy. On the second day, they visited the Chainda community in Lusaka, where many of the children who attend Camp Life live. This visit provided a powerful glimpse into the daily realities faced by these children. As part of their tour, they visited the Family Legacy Academy in the community to learn about the children’s education in detail.

One moment stood out to Stephanie during the tour: she entered a classroom where mothers of the Academy’s children were being taught to read and write in English through scripture. After an insightful explanation from the instructor, Brian felt compelled to offer words of encouragement to the mothers, and Stephanie followed with a prayer. While praying, she turned to thank the instructor and asked her name. To her astonishment, the instructor was none other than Jacqueline! The two women immediately recognized each other, embracing with tears of joy and gratitude for the reunion.

Jacqueline and Stephanie posing in 2024 in a similar stance to their photo from 2016

Jacqueline and Stephanie in 2024

This encounter uncovered the incredible journey Jacqueline lived since their last meeting. After the 2016 trip, Family Legacy hired Jacqueline, recognizing her potential and passion with children. She began working at the Family Legacy Academy in Chainda, initially teaching Discipleship before moving on to teach English and literacy to the mothers of the students. Jacqueline and her husband had even established a church in their community that many Family Legacy students attend, further extending her impact on the community.

Jacqueline’s influence on Stephanie has been profound and lasting, mirroring the broader mission of Family Legacy—to bring people together and change lives. This journey of connection and transformation underscores the powerful bonds and the impact God fosters through Family Legacy in Zambia and beyond. Through His goodness, the organization continues to see ripples of hope and change in countless lives; not just in the sponsored students, but the faithful men and women who pour into them.

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