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Legacy Academy

More than just school buildings, our Legacy Academy schools take a multi-faceted approach to education and holistic care. The Legacy Academy network of schools is our largest program and serves more than 12,000 children in primary and secondary grades. From school uniforms, textbooks, school supplies, daily meals and more, we provide the necessary tools for students to begin their education journey.

We are proud that our schools are filled with excellent teachers, a diverse curriculum, a feeding program to keep our children and their families nourished and spiritual and emotional care that is specifically unique to the Family Legacy approach.

The Legacy Academy school network includes 23 private-Christian schools in 17 communities surrounding Lusaka, each filled with a dedicated staff to help students reach their God-given potential academically, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Students in our Legacy Academy program may attend one of our Family Legacy schools or, in a few cases, a partnering government school in that child’s community. Children enrolled in Legacy Academy schools live at home with their family members or a designated guardian.

Primary Schools (Grade 1-6)

The beginning of a child’s education is critical to building a strong foundation for future success. We focus on a specialized curriculum that is designed to boost math and reading comprehension, as well as writing skills to prepare them for upper grades and national exams. Due to local best practices, children attend school in half-day sessions, either in the morning or afternoon. Lunch is provided for all children in the program.

Secondary School (Grade 7-12)

Upon entering grade 7, students are beginning some of the most crucial years in their education. All students in grade 7 must take a national exam to determine if they are qualified to continue with their education. They will take another exam in grade 9 and once more upon completion of grade 12. Our teachers work tirelessly to see that our students are successful in achieving their goals academically and beyond the classroom. Secondary students attend full-day classes, Monday through Friday. In addition to their core classes with subject-specific teachers, they are exposed to supplemental electives for a well-rounded education.