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Tree of Life
Care Facility

Healing, restoration, and a fresh start: some children need this deeper level of care. For this reason, we created the Tree of Life Children’s Village – a transitional full-time care living facility for children who have faced extreme circumstances. Children admitted into the Tree of Life may suffer from significant medical conditions and their guardians are unable to provide necessary care or their home situation is unsuitable for the child to live. Spanning over 130-acres, the Tree of Life has a neighborhood of homes, a school, the Hill Wellness Center, playgrounds, a working farm and so much more.

Currently, there are 64 homes, each with about 12 children per home and two Zambian house mothers. With a school building on-site, children have easy access to their classes and learn the same curriculum as our Legacy Academy schools. In their homes, children learn important lessons and values such as chores and cooking meals for themselves and their housemates. Every Sunday the children enjoy church on the property with their house mothers and are able to study the Word of God together. They also host games and other fun activities, as well as sporting tournaments with children from our Legacy Academy schools. Children at the Tree of Life are learning and growing beyond the traumas and hardships of their past.

It is important to know that every child admitted to the Tree of Life receives a specialized care plan, customized to address each child’s specific needs. The length of a child’s stay at the Tree of Life can vary from case to case, as our hope is that the child is able to move back into his or her community. Studies show that this is the most beneficial approach for the child’s long-term development.

As children transition out of the Tree of Life, our staff works closely with Zambian social services and our Community Development staff to facilitate healthy living environments with guardians or family members. Ultimately, our goal is for the child to heal and grow in their community, with people that know and love them.