Financial Statement - Family Legacy Missions International

Financial Statement

As a Christ-centered Ministry, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of financial transparency by being good stewards of the resources entrusted to us. Whether through sponsorship, Nehemiah Partnership, or through another avenue of giving, you can be confident that we are properly stewarding your donation.

Family Legacy is a 501(c)(3) organization committed to financial accountability with our donors and participants.

One of the questions we are frequently asked is regarding our administrative costs and overhead and how those items are funded from the donations we receive.

A majority of our funding is used to serve, educate and feed the children in our child sponsorship programs.

When you designate your gift to a child, school or program, eighty-seven percent of that money goes directly into the fund that is associated with your designation. Undesignated gifts or general giving are used where needed most and to address infrastructure and strategic planning to ensure the future of the ministry.

Thirteen percent of every dollar donated underwrites the general administrative and operating costs and overhead (office space, health insurance, utilities, transportation of goods from the US to Zambia, administrative staff, etc.) necessary to enable us to fund the ministry programs that serve the vulnerable and orphaned children of Lusaka, Zambia. Many of the staff members who are funded through this thirteen percent are involved in influencing, training and guiding the efforts in Zambia and thus have a leadership and managerial impact on our efforts to serve, educate, feed and care for the children in our program.

Please know that our staff is 100% committed to serving the orphans of Zambia. They are so dedicated that many of our American staff raise support to cover some or all of their salaries allowing us to reduce our administrative costs.

There are several key components that allow us to keep administrative expenses low and use funds received to best provide for the children we serve.

Only Zambia

Family Legacy is committed to only working in Zambia allowing us to focus our impact instead of spreading it across several countries. This also means that when donors visit Zambia, they can see the exact programs where their funds are being used to change the lives of orphaned children.

Low Fundraising Costs

Since many of our donors make a trip over to Zambia each year, they are able to see the results of their donations. This allows us to keep fundraising low because we can rely on the word of mouth from those who have seen first-hand the lives being changed in Zambia.

If you would like to learn more about our financial accountability, please contact our accounting team at


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