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Teach One

Teach One 2024 applications are OPEN!

Helping to Transform the Classroom Environment

Teach One is a unique, short-term mission trip designed for individuals with a heart for the ministry of education and mentorship. Teach One participants will have the opportunity to partner with our Zambian educators, to teach the students of our Legacy Academy schools in Lusaka, Zambia.

By partnering alongside our talented, Zambian teachers, Teach One participants are able to develop and exchange ideas that improve teaching methods, practices, strategies, and classroom management. Through this collaboration and knowledge of teaching in a different culture, participants return home with a new perspective, vision, and heart for their own classrooms.

Teach One truly is a remarkable experience for educators who are seeking to have an even greater impact and be impacted in the process. By saying “yes” to Teach One, you will be investing in the development of Family Legacy’s Zambian teachers, as well as your own personal growth as an educator. You will be inspiring those who are in turn, inspiring the future Godly leaders of Zambia.

NOTE: We require Teach One participants to have a minimum of two years of full-time teaching experience in a classroom.



A standard Teach One experience lasts 11 days, travel days included. In addition to your standard Teach One trip, you may be interested in extending your time in Africa for a one of a kind experience. Whether that be a week of Camp Life, Side Trip with your family or a Sponsorship Event with your sponsored child(ren), we would love to give you more information! Please see below for more exciting details.

Camp Life

Camp Life is a cornerstone of Family Legacy’s mission to bring hope and transformation to Zambia’s most vulnerable children. It is a powerful, week-long experience for both the children we serve and the ambassadors who travel to Zambia to serve alongside us. Year after year, children by the thousands and ambassadors by the hundreds come together to experience God’s grace and transformation through His word and the power of the Holy Spirit.

If you are a Tree of Life sponsor or Camp Life alumni, you are eligible to participate in Tree of Life Camp the week after your week of Teach ONE. For more information, visit our Camp Life webpage.

Side Trip Vacation or Child Sponsorship Event

If you are interested in adding a vacation side trip to your mission trip, or hosting a Sponsorship Event for your connected student(s), we are here to assist you in planning this experience. Please see here for more details.




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