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Only the Best for My Child

Expressions of a Mother’s Love

Florence Miti grew up in a loving home that gave her the opportunity to attend a reputable school, and she aspired to become a teacher. That all changed when her father passed away, and she was forced to move to a different city to live with extended family. These drastic changes in her life impeded her academic progression, and she was forced to drop out of school. 


Currently, she lives in Ngombe with her husband and children.


“It is a strange mix of anticipation and anxiety when I think about my children being on a path I am familiar with but had to let go of. The fact that they are in school right now is something I am so grateful for, and I would hate to see anything get in the way of that.”


For Florence, a large part of her daily routine involves waking up early to get the children ready for school, making sure uniforms are washed, dried and ironed and preparing food for when the children return from school. She is an actively involved parent at the Ngombe Legacy Academy school and is determined to do her part in raising her children to become responsible, hardworking and God-fearing people. 


“I may not have much, but I always give my children the best that I have. I want to see them succeed and become respected people in the community. I can’t say I have specific things I would want them to become when they are older, but I just want them to put God first in everything and be able to take care of themselves well. I would be satisfied if my children had a bright future.”


In Zambia, about only 55% of children who start school graduate. Although Florence is part of this statistic, she is determined to ensure that the misfortune of dropping out of school will not persist with her family. 


“One day I will go back to school to finish my education. I want to see my children do well in life, but I realize that I too can rise above the misfortune of the past and set an example for them on how to be resilient in hopes of a bright future. So, I am motivated and certain that there is a better future for my family and I.”


In a world that doesn’t always value motherhood
, time, attention and care must be given to those who are raising children in the way they should go. Florence aspires to be a mother who her children can look up to and honor. 


“It doesn’t make me happy that I am not always able to support my children the way I would like, but I am deeply grateful for all the support I receive in helping me raise my children the right way. Raising children is not easy, but I love it and pray that one day my children will be able to say I was a good mother who loved and supported them to the best of my ability. 


I just want to say thank you to those who have helped me and my children over the years.”

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