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Transformation Will Not Stop With Me

A Photographer’s Story of a Transformed Life

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When Davis was still a child, his father walked out on him and his family, leaving his mother to raise three children on her own. She worked hard to ensure that Davis and his siblings had what they needed, but life was still tough for them. His father’s abandonment didn’t only have financial consequences but left emotional wounds that are still felt today. Growing up without the presence of a father has been challenging for Davis as he attempts to navigate life with fragmented guidance in his journey toward mature masculinity. Although the path ahead may seem long, the journey already traveled is full of reminders that God is faithful. 

“I would like to become a man who everyone can look up to in a good way. I want people to see Christ in me, and I really want to be a God-fearing man. And I want to be a man who is available to help those in need and who will always be open to hearing people’s opinions. I want to portray what it means to be made in God’s image. I can get there by doing what God wants me to do and being content with wherever He places me. Gratitude for what God has given me propels me to be the man I want to be.”

Three years ago, Davis was offered the opportunity to join a team that would capture the stories of children whose shoes he once fit in. This was an opportunity to give back and take a step toward his aspirations. A year before this opportunity arose, Davis had graduated high school and was looking for a chance to expand his skill set and learn a trade. When Family Legacy was looking for interns to help with photography, Davis expressed his interest and received a call that would impact the trajectory of his life. Having been a child who was sponsored to go to school by Family Legacy, Davis was able to give back something of what he had been given. 

“Being a part of Family Legacy means the world to me. It takes a lot for sponsors to fund a stranger’s education, and being able to work here is a way to thank them for what they did for me. The best part of being here is inspiring children and helping them at least get to where I am today.”

Davis was sponsored to be enrolled at Matero Boys Secondary School, where he attended from grade seven to grade twelve. The narrative of how he found Family Legacy and got sponsored is a fascinating and unconventional story. 

“My eldest sister used to work for Family Legacy, and at the time, I wasn’t going to school. One day, my friend who lives next door was going to Camp Life, so I sneaked onto the bus to tag along even though I didn’t know where I was going. I wasn’t supposed to be there, but I showed anyway. When my sister saw me there, she was shocked and told me that only those who enrolled could be a part of this. I couldn’t participate because I didn’t have a group, but that gave Family Legacy a chance to get to know me. After a few days, I was enrolled in Camp Life and found people who heard my story and wanted to sponsor me to go to school. My sponsor’s name is Suzanne, and I am grateful for her.”

After several months of an internship at Family Legacy, he was offered a full-time position to continue using his skills to benefit the children the organization serves. Over time, he mastered his craft and started a part-time business offering specialized photography and videography, having hundreds of clients at this point. 

Having gained a few years of work experience and managing a growing business, Davis decided to save up some money and pay himself through college to obtain a degree in Public Relations and Journalism through Zamcom’s learning institution. He embraces responsibility and is determined to take ownership of his life to improve his family’s well-being and attain success in the world of media. 

This is a true success story of a young man who was provided with a special opportunity that is now paying off priceless dividends that tell a story of God’s unrelenting faithfulness. 

“Having been transformed myself, I believe it is now my responsibility to help others experience what I have. Transformation can’t stop with me.”


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