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True Heroes Wear Scrubs

A Homage to the Hill Wellness Center

The scenes initially appear to mimic a medical drama on television, but this one is void of props, million-dollar cameras and actors with makeup. This is real life without the aid of scripts, cuts and filters. This is a story of real events, in real-time, about the real successes of true heroes. 


“Brad… this is serious. We have never seen anything like this before.” Rumors of a pending global pandemic involving a virus were looming, but a call like this made it all the more real. “Do what you can to ensure the safety of the children’s village and put things in place to provide care for those who may get sick. This was a familiar voice that for years had been one of optimism and encouragement, but this time, an unmistakable tone of concern and uncertainty seemed to color the bright rooms of the Wellness Center with an uninviting shade of gray. After an awkward moment of silence, the only thing that could be muttered as a response was, “Thank you for this information Lloyd, we will do what we can. Keep me updated on any developments.”


Fifteen months after that call, the precautions and protocols put in place to mitigate a possible crisis proved to be a difference-maker at the Hill Wellness center. Having largely avoided the first two waves of the sweeping Coronavirus, Zambia was hit hard by the third wave, which spread quickly and infected more people than the previous waves together in a matter of days. The first two waves of the virus drastically slowed down most of Family Legacy’s programs, but the third one was more devastating, affecting both staff members and children in the programs. Family Legacy’s flagship program, Camp Life, was called off for the second year running, and a frantic attempt to get sponsorships for hundreds of children secured. The pending pandemic had finally arrived in full force within Zambian borders,  the gates of Legacy Academy schools’, and in the Tree of Life Children’s Village. 


The staff at the Hill Wellness Center were ready for this outbreak and worked long hours to ensure children were tested and treated.

 At a time when most people were staying home and employing all preventive measures against catching the virus, the staff at the wellness center were on the frontlines, risking their health to be a helping hand to those in need. Beyond caring for the children, the Hill Wellness Center prioritized providing testing and care for guardians and caretakers. This proved successful with curbed infection rates and wholesome recoveries that made an impression on a national scale. 


The Hill Wellness Center exists to serve, and everyone who has experienced their care will testify to the wonderful service they provide. The vibrant and unified culture that defines this team is hard to miss as widened smiles, laughter and confidence seem baked into the walls. This is a team of heroes; worthy of admiration and applause. 

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