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From Scoring Goals to Saving Lives

The Nurse who Lives to Serve


Praise M. always dreamed of being a professional football player; admiring legends like Samuel Eto’o who played the same position he does. His eye for the goal is unquestionable; attracting attention from various local football clubs looking to acquire a prolific striker. The grand dream of playing in front of the Anfield faithful would provoke his imagination; wondering what it would be like to put on the colors of his favorite football team. This is a man who is not afraid of dreaming big and wears his heart on his sleeve. With the passage of time and an unexpected experience, his ambition to score goals turned into an ambition to save people’s lives. 


“I had just boarded a bus to attend a football trial in another city and sat next to a sickly man who was clearly struggling. My heart went out to him and during the journey I had the opportunity to provide some care for his needs. I felt so fulfilled doing that and wondered this might be something I would enjoy doing long term and if this is what God was calling me to do. Not so long after that, the opportunity to study nursing presented itself and I felt compelled to take it.” 


Just over a year ago, he joined the vibrant roster of Hill Wellness Center staff and instantly fit into the work vulture. This is a place he feels he belongs. 


“I have the best colleagues I have ever had. This is by far the best team I have worked with. We are always ready to achieve great things. I am never worried about overcoming challenges because of the immense trust we have in each other’s friendship and competence.”


It doesn’t take long to notice a sincere relationship with God that motivates his pursuits. As he clearly expresses his purpose in life, a sincere expression of conviction is unmistakable. 


“I am confident that my purpose in life is to serve God by serving others. That is why I am amazed at how Family Legacy’s mission and mine are perfectly aligned. I am here to serve and believe there is nothing more important I could be doing with my life.”

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