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Children with infinite potential, yet little financial resources. You could be the missing link for them.

When you choose to sponsor a child, you are making a direct and immediate impact on his or her life. Plus, the long term impact is immeasurable. Not only did you feed and clothe His children in need, but you told a child – I see you and you matter. Their gratitude is immense, their potential is unlimited and the impact on your heart will be profound.


It's simple: you become the missing link. At Family Legacy, we are focused on empowering our children physically, spiritually, emotionally, and academically to reach their God-given potential. With this, we have a vast network of educators, social workers and hundreds of other staff to ensure each of our 12,000 plus children are cared for, holistically. As a sponsor, you are so much more than just a monthly financial contributor but an essential link to making an incredible difference in a child’s life. Our ministry is unique in owning and operating over 20 private, Christian academies in the neighborhoods where our children live. Lusaka, Zambia is a remarkable place; no wonder it has such remarkable children. Sponsor a child and see for yourself.

Our Child Sponsorship Program Offers:

  • Individualized emotional support for each child in our program with bi-annual check-in’s with our staff.
  • Robust and targeted curriculum for our students in primary and secondary school; as well as access to specialized elective classes.
  • Discipleship curriculum presents for every student in our programs including church every week for Tree of Life students, church partnerships and connections for our students living in the communities and excel beyond students.
  • Feed One program that strives to nourish our children and their families. Students receive a hot, fresh meal.
  • All necessary supplies such as textbooks, school supplies, and school uniforms.
  • Excelled student-to-teacher ratio in Legacy Academy and Tree of Life schools.
Legacy Academy (Grades 1-6) $55/month
  • School Uniforms
  • Textbooks and School Supplies
  • Half-day school sessions, Monday-Friday
  • 20:1 student-to-teacher ratio
  • Specialized curriculum designed to prepare students for secondary education
Legacy Academy (Grades 7-12) $72/month
  • School Uniforms
  • Full-Day school sessions, Monday-Friday
  • 30:1 Student-to-Teacher ratio
  • Subject-specific teachers for each class
  • Lab and supplemental elective classes
  • Exposure to career opportunities
  • Government-mandated exam fees and supplies
Tree of Life (Grade 1-12) $300/month or split up to 3 ways ($100 each)
  • Full-Time Residential Care
  • School Uniforms
  • Textbooks and School Supplies
  • Access to specialized counseling
Excel Beyond
  • Foundation Year: Through workshops and seminars, students learn important skills such as how to work as part of a team, biblical financial principles, time management, and interviewing skills.
  • University: Students are enrolled in universities throughout Lusaka, and are enrolled in majors such as Law, BioMedical Sciences, Accounting, Business, Public Health and Teaching.
  • Trades: Students enroll in trades programs that provide them with certifications needed to obtain long term employment. Current students are studying a variety of trade programs such as Water Operations, Human Resources, Auto Mechanics, Welding, and Hotel Management.

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