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We Can Dream Again

“When I first came here, I struggled to fit in and understand why this was for my good. I enjoyed my independence before coming here, and always thought of leaving this place sooner rather than later. Now, I have learned to appreciate that here at Tree of Life, I am cared for and have a hopeful future because of what’s being poured into me.”

Meet Dalitso, a vibrant and passionate young man with leadership abilities that have earned him platforms to inspire some of the younger boys in the children’s village. His story is one of overcoming adversity and turmoil, much of it had resided in his own heart. Today, his confidence and hospitable personality are a mark of victory he has experienced. They stand in direct contrast to who he used to be, angry and fearful. Not accepting that his struggle would define him, Dalitso is determined to push himself to achieve great things and inspire others in the village.

“I want the younger guys to see that God has a plan for them and that they don’t have to carry the weight of victimhood forever. Tree of Life has to become a place where the stigma of our past lives doesn’t have to follow us into the future. I want to offer a helping hand, and this is something I hope to continue doing if and when I become the president of Family Legacy one day.”

Milestones are often measured quantitatively, however, stories like this remind us of the immeasurable success seen not just in what a person amasses but also in who they become.

Children who struggled to dream of what their lives could be, now aspire to be influential leaders who long to inspire change. We are grateful to God that the Tree of Life has born this kind of fruit.

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