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Together, we can:

Expand your congregation’s worldview. Is your community aware of the spiritual, educational, physical, and emotional issues impoverished children face? Family Legacy provides holistic solutions for children enduring these situations.

Connect your church with the developing world. Any church can participate in missions. Family Legacy delivers a variety of turnkey opportunities that engage believers locally and globally in the Great Commission.

Love generously through child sponsorship. Christ is the perfect example of lovingly caring for both the tangible and the intangible. Family Legacy connects sponsors to Zambian children with not only financial support, but also a relationship.

What is a Sponsorship Sunday?

A Sponsorship Sunday is a church-hosted event where we invite your congregation to live out the Great Commission by sponsoring a child in Zambia. Connect your congregants with vulnerable children in need of education and discipleship.

This unique experience allows congregants to expand their faith, worldview, and relationship with those Christ calls us to love.

We will work alongside you to tailor-fit a Sponsorship Sunday to your church body. Choose a date that best aligns with your sermon series or ministry calendar, and we will provide you with everything you need to connect your church community with the work God is doing in Zambia.

What is a Meal Packing Event?

Our Meal Packing Events are a hands-on way to partner in serving the children of Zambia. Friends, families, and small groups come together to pack as many meals as possible, which will go directly to the 14,000 children we serve.

Hosting a Meal Packing Event is a unique outreach opportunity to serve vulnerable children globally from your local building. It’s easy, safe, family-friendly, and fun, all while bringing a tangible benefit to the children we support.

Church Mission Trips

Visiting Zambia is a transformative experience. For you and your fellow worshipers, this next step furthers the investment in what God is doing across the world. Our short-term mission team will handle all travel arrangements, ground logistics, and scheduling for you!

We have opportunities throughout the year to deepen your relationships with the children. Our team would love to welcome you to Africa and to God’s mission in Zambia.

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