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Together We Can.

During a visit to South Africa in 1960 and having traveled through the British colonized nations in Africa, British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan gave a speech that set forth a ripple effect of independence throughout much of Africa. He prophetically said: "The wind of change is blowing through this continent" because he saw that all people succeed when the nation itself rises from within. At Family Legacy, we believe the winds of change are still blowing, evoked by the Holy Spirit and made possible through education for all. We believe that when you educate a child you change the world. Whether that education lasts for years or days, it stays. No one can take it away. Empowering these children is God's work; we are simply striving to be His hands and feet to encourage the wind to blow.

Sponsor A Child

When you choose to sponsor a child, you are making a direct and immediate impact on his or her life. Plus, the long term impact is immeasurable. Not only did you feed and clothe His children in need, but you told a child – I see you and you matter. Their gratitude is immense, their potential is unlimited and the impact on your heart will be profound.

Go To Zambia

Have you ever felt there was more you could do to help further God’s Kingdom?

Volunteer With Us.

Volunteering your time is an incredible way to experience the heartbeat of our work. Seeing and experiencing firsthand aspects of our children’s lives will transform you while you help in providing aid in their potential. Whether you are a corporate team or a student interested in service hours, we have many different ways for you to get involved, such as packing food, sorting clothing, working with us in our Dallas office, a member of the Camp Life summer staff and much more.

Nehemiah Partnership

At Family Legacy, we have well over 1,000 staff members and a multitude of supporters and community volunteers. All with different gifts, we are uniting together to rebuild the broken lives of Zambia’s vulnerable and orphaned children in helping to provide spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional healing to a generation of Zambian children. We call it the Nehemiah Partnership

Say A Prayer

We believe in the power of prayer. The greatest gift you can give these children and our ministry in a special call to the Lord. Likewise, we want to be intentional in our prayers for you. Send us a prayer or a prayer request - ultimately our success will be the greatest act of His grace.

Other Ways To Give

Interested in getting creative in how you give? At Family Legacy, we are eager and excited to work with you to discuss the many ways of giving. Be it stocks, real estate, gifts in kind or some other asset or talent, let's talk. Often times though those conversations we learn more about each other and what is possible, together.

Stories Of Hope