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School Culture is Making a Difference

Ngombe’s Legacy Academy School Culture Produces Success

Engaged students, passionate teachers and high academic performances. These are attributes that are rightly accredited to Ngombe Legacy Academy, which has consistently received annual awards for their success over the last few years. Residents in the community of Ngombe are paying attention and recognize that this 

school stands out as one that produces outstanding students. So, what is it that makes this school so successful?


“We have been serious about developing a relational culture among teachers, children and general workers. Creating this kind of environment makes teaching and learning that much more enjoyable. Children excitedly attend school because of the relationships that have been formed with their peers and teachers. This extends to their guardians with who we have also built good relationships.”


Hellen Ngulube is the headteacher at Ngombe Legacy Academy and the mastermind behind the development of this school’s culture. Being one of only two educated people from the rural villages she was raised in, a passion for children and teaching has been a significant part of her for decades. Her long experience being an educator has taught her what children need most and how to get the best out of them. 


“One of the most important things for me is to teach children how to read well. If they can do this, they can learn almost anything. For that reason, we have also developed a reading culture to promote greater levels of literacy. We are very intentional about making sure that each child is able to read and that every teacher (including myself) is involved in the process.”


Leading by example, Hellen is often found in classrooms doing the actual teaching herself. She is devoted to being a part of the lives of her teachers and students, fully believing that sincere relationships are the foundation upon which real success takes place.

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