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The Student Becomes the Teacher


Meet Nelly, she is a bright young lady who is continuing to reach her God-given potential as she serves in our schools as a teacher with a full-circle story of our program. Nelly is now an inspiration to the children in our program because her story is a lot like theirs.

At just three years old Nelly lost her father. Her mother, a housekeeper, struggled to take care of her and could not afford to take her to school. At that point, she believed she would never be able to attend school and get an education.

In 2004, at just 8 years old, Nelly was able to attend Camp Life and met her ambassadors, Sara and Holly Scurry who lead her to Christ during camp. She recalls “In 2004, I never knew Jesus Christ. I never had hope and I never thought I would have any hope. I was very glad that my ambassadors saw what God saw in me rather than only what I saw in myself. They started encouraging me that my life can change and that I can be somebody great in life. I was motivated by them and their sayings. And I believed in my heart that, yes, God does have an amazing plan for me and my family.”

Nelly has touched every aspect of our ministry. One of the first children sponsored in our sponsorship program and one of the first residents at the Tree of Life, she is now a teacher in our schools.

Nelly is a full-circle story.

From attending Camp Life at age 8 to a high school graduate at age 21. And now a university graduate at age 25 to a teacher working at one of our Legacy Academy schools. Nelly’s desire is to impart knowledge and help children realize that God has so much more for them than they could ever imagine.


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