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Changing Our Family’s Story

Two Girls Pursuit of Transformation 


Broad smiles, elegant poise and confident charisma, these attributes describe two teenage girls who make an immediate impression. Tabitha M. and Jane K. are two sixteen-year-old girls in the 9th grade; enrolled as students at Secondary East Legacy Academy. This is their first time sitting down for an official interview, but rather than the usual nerves often seen in these moments, an attitude of calm and readiness sets the ambiance for what was about to be an intriguing conversation. 


Lennox: “Well, let’s begin with you telling me what your hobbies are in life.”


Tabitha: “I enjoy spending time with my friends and reading. I’m not really into sports like a lot of people. I really like folktales and novels and recently read an extended version of ‘Beauty and the Beast’, which I really enjoyed.”


Lennox: “You mentioned spending time with your friends. Would you mind telling me a little bit about who your friends are?”


Tabitha: “Jane, who is sitting right next to me, is one of my closest friends. That said, I honestly don’t have many friends, and I like to keep it that way because I want to be careful in choosing my circle of influence. I know that I’m a young girl, which might make me susceptible to being influenced to do things I will regret. So, I must be wise and careful about who I want to be friends with. I love Jane because she is very educated, entertaining and knows how to put a smile on my face.”


Lennox: “And Jane, would you like to tell me about your hobbies and interests?”


Jane: “I really love singing and spending time with friends. Gospel music is what I usually listen to, and right now, I’m enjoying a song titled “Yours” by my favorite artist named GUC.”


Lennox: “When you imagine what you would like to achieve in life, what things come to mind?”


Tabitha: “Success, a beautiful family and wealth. I would love to start my own business and put a lot of effort into that. I would also love to have a good family that I’m really close to. I want to give them the best of my time and attention and not get lost in other things I will be pursuing. In doing so, I want to change my family’s story.”


Lennox: “Touching on that, would you be open to sharing your family’s story and as you attempt to redeem it, what are you hoping it will sound like?”


Tabitha: “Right now, things aren’t really going well. My father passed away, so I only have my mother, and she’s not stable financially, so I’m just trying to change her story and mine as well. By being a good, responsible and hard-working person, I believe I can have a wholesome family so that my own children won’t have to go through what I have.” 


Jane: “Much like what Tabitha said, I would like to be a business lady and attain success with a great family. I also want to do something to change my family because right now it’s also not in good shape. I also only have a mother, but I have never been able to stay with her because she is a serious alcoholic who still struggles. I stay with my sister, who never had the opportunity to finish school but works very hard to look after me and my siblings.”


Lennox: “Wow, I appreciate you both sharing that with me. When you think about the future, is university something you think about and have plans for?”


Tabitha: “Yes, it is! I look forward to the experience of meeting new people and growing in a different way. I hope to study something science-related because it’s something I’m really enjoying learning in class now, and I believe I could do great things with it.” 


Jane: “When I go to University, I want to study medicine because I would like to become a physiotherapist. That’s really my ambition. I also hope that my experience there will help me grow spiritually as well.”


Lennox: “That all sounds very exciting, and I hope you realize all that you dream of. A moment ago, you spoke of growing spiritually. Do you have a relationship with Jesus Christ? And if so, could you describe it to me?”


Jane: “I have a relationship with Christ. Sometimes it shakes, and other times it’s stable, but it exists. I really want to deepen my intimate relationship with Him. I think that means doing all things with God, submitting to what He commands and looking up to Him.”


Tabitha: “There was a time when I didn’t even want to talk about God because I felt like He neglected me. I didn’t want to know Him or hear the mention of His name, but now that’s completely changed. I want to learn more about Him; I want to worship Him and have Him as my partner and friend.”


Lennox: “Having said that, what does it mean for you to have Jesus as a Savior?”


Tabitha: “I know that when He is my Savior, He will always be here with me, He will save me from all kinds of trouble. He will be a friend to me and sort of like a guardian angel. 


Lennox: “Let me just make sure you understand this correctly: According to Romans 3:23, everyone has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. A few chapters later, we come across the first part of Romans 6:23, which speaks of sin as deserving of death. That means that our sin puts us in a state of hostility with God, who would be right and just to pour His wrath on us. That is terrible and devastating news. However, the second part of Romans 6:23 tells us about the gift of salvation given to us because Jesus took the punishment we deserved and gave us His righteousness so that we could have a good relationship with God. We aren’t made right with God because of what we do or say but only by putting our trust in what He has done and accomplished in His death and resurrection. As we place our faith in Him, we turn from our sin and live for Him. Does that make sense?


Tabitha and Jane: “Yes, it does!”


Lennox: “This is the final question I have for both of you: How can people be praying for you as they read your story?”


Tabitha: “After hearing what you’ve had to say, I really want to develop a strong relationship with God because if I’m honest it hasn’t been good or very strong. That’s the one thing I want people to pray for.”


Jane: “I also want people to pray that I have a stong relationship with God and that I will understand what His word says a lot better. I will also ask that people pray for my mother. I would love to know what it feels like to stay with her and enjoy her love and care.”

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