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Have You Ever Felt There Was More You Could Do To Help Further God's Kingdom?

  • Are you looking to go deeper in your relationship with God?
  • Are you ready for a journey that could change everything?
  • Are you looking to hear God’s voice in the way you’ve never heard it before?
  • Do you wish you could see God move like He does in the Bible?
  • Are you serving a God you don’t really know?

What is Camp Life?

Camp Life is a cornerstone of Family Legacy’s mission to bring hope and transformation to Zambia’s most vulnerable children. It is a powerful, week-long experience for both the children we serve and the ambassadors who travel to Zambia to serve alongside us. Year after year, children by the thousands and ambassadors by the hundreds come together to experience God’s grace and transformation through His word and the power of the Holy Spirit.

What To Expect
At Camp Life

At Camp Life, each volunteer is thoughtfully partnered with two Zambian team members to lead and minister to a group of 10 children through various activities, small group sessions, one-on-one time, and much more.

What Happens During Camp Life?

2022 Camp Life Schedule

Week Date Communities
Week 1 June 4 - June 11 Chawama, Ibex Hill, John Leing, Mtendere
Week 2 June 11 - June 18 Bauleni, Kabanana, Kanyama 1, Kanyama 2, Lusaka West
Week 3 June 18 - June 25 Chainda, George, Matero, Mtendere
Week 4 June 25 - July 2 Chainda, Kabanana, Kamanga, Kanyama 1, Ngombe
Week 5 July 9 - July 16 Chaisa*, George, Kamanga, Matero
Week 6 July 16 - July 23 Bauleni, John Leing, Kanyama 2, Lusaka West, Misisi
Week 7 July 23 - July 30 Chaisa, Chawama, Ibex Hill, Misisi
*Former Garden Ambassadors should now sign up for a Chaisa Camp Life week. We have merged our Garden and Chaisa Legacy Academy Schools and the former Garden students attend school in Chaisa.
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