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A Change of Heart

Phan Huynh, previously an agnostic, had a life-altering experience at Camp Life 2018. Through his son, Ethan, God allowed Camp Life and the 10 young boys in his group to change His heart and love for God. This powerful story is one you won’t forget and one of the many reasons we continue to do what we do here at Family Legacy!

“I am a radiologist by trade, and I always felt that I’ve been guided by an unseen hand to my profession. Back in 1994, my residency program director gave me a phone number and told me, “I found a job for you.” A subsequent phone call led me to a position in Houston. At the time, my mother was going through stage four metastatic breast cancer. With her blessing, I accepted the job in February of 1995. My mother died a month later.

I moved to Houston in 1995 and four years later in 1999, I got another call offering me a new position at a neighboring hospital. The next year I was blessed with my firstborn, Ethan. During the pregnancy, I found out that Ethan’s mother had a large ovarian mass that basically threatened both mother and child. With countless prayers, she had surgery during the second trimester and fortunately, with God’s will, Ethan was born without any problems.

Moving forward to 2014, Ethan went to Camp Ozark in Arkansas which ended up being the place that he accepted Jesus as His Lord and Savior.

At that time, my radiology group entered an agreement with a national entity, requiring that I stayed in my current position for another 4 years. Therefore, I expected that 2018 would be a life-changing year for me.

Last year, around October, Ethan approached me about a mission trip to Africa and he wanted me to accompany him. I didn’t know anything about Zambia or Family Legacy. But with an open heart, I told Ethan that I would support him and that we could look for a window of time in my already busy schedule. Meanwhile, I was quite apprehensive about whether I was up to the task.

When we got to Zambia, I was introduced to my Zambian partners, including Uncle Teddy. A fellow participant remarked that I had won ‘the lottery’. Throughout the week, Uncle Teddy had gently prodded my longstanding yearning for God. As a radiologist, my eyes are perhaps my most important asset and it is fitting that the theme of Camp Life 2018 is ‘God sees me’. Amazingly, without any prior knowledge of the Tree of Life Children’s Village, I had a Timberland hat (with a tree symbol) as a small gift for Uncle Teddy! Everything lined up to prove to me that I was where I was supposed to be.

On Friday of Camp Life, as we formed the circle for prayers and as the children’s hands were laying on me, I felt such warmth and intensity that I could no longer resist the power of the Lord. I accepted Jesus at that moment. God had plans for me through Ethan, Uncle Teddy, the children, Family Legacy and I am so blessed!”

Phan Huynh – Week 3 Camp Life Participant

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