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God’s Gift in Disguise

“When I began searching the internet for mission trips I had a selfish desire to take my mind away from previous pain and was seeking personal healing. What I received, instead, is almost indescribable. I arrived blind as to what I actually signed up for back in November. So, I thought I was ready for any and everything, but I was wrong! From the time I stepped outside of the airport and was greeted with a warm and friendly smile to being immediately welcomed to join a family on their bus, I was overwhelmed.

I tried blaming the breezy bus ride through the city for my tears, but truthfully, the faith-filled journey had gripped my emotions. I was not prepared to experience the unconditional love, joy, and enthusiasm for God’s commandments the way I did while attending camp. Seeing the faces of our children and getting to be a part of their lives is a blessing beyond measure. What an appropriate name: Camp Life…a camp so full of life… God’s light!

Thank you, Family Legacy, for your obedience to God’s word and for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this amazing experience. I look forward to returning for years to come.”

—Damon aka Google Guy!


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