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Add-on Trips

A standard Camp Life experience lasts 11 days, travel days included. In addition to your standard Camp Life trip, you may be interested in extending your time in Africa for a one-of-a-kind experience. Whether that be a Side Trip with your family or a Sponsorship Event with your sponsored child(ren), we would love to give you more information! Please see below for more exciting details.


If you are interested in adding a vacation side trip to your mission trip, we are here to assist you in planning this experience. Whether you are interested in vacationing before or after your Camp Life week, we highly encourage you to consider exploring all that Africa has to offer.

When it comes to planning your side trip, Family Legacy takes a concierge approach by partnering with experts in the travel leisure industry to ensure that you have the best experience possible. For Camp Life 2024, Family Legacy is partnering with SafariScapes, focused on Africa travel.


SafariScapes is a Dallas-based specialty travel company whose passion and focus is the beautiful African continent. SafariScapes works together with Family Legacy to extend your African experience beyond your life-changing time at Camp Life. At SafariScapes, we work with you to plan a safari for your family or group that fits your interests, budget and time frame. While we have suggested itineraries ready to view for a quick add-on – we can also tailor-make itineraries to make sure you are getting the exact experience you are looking for. From brunch next to the watering hole where elephants are bathing to hot air ballooning or even private aviation, there is no limit to your dream safari with SafariScapes.

View suggested itineraries from SafariScapes here.



A Sponsorship Event is an opportunity for you to spend an additional day in Zambia with sponsored and/or connected students in Family Legacy’s sponsorship program that you will not see at Camp Life. Sponsorship Events occur on Saturday after each week of camp. The cost to participate in a Sponsorship Event is $200 per participant, with an additional cost per student invited to an event.

Within your Sponsorship Event, you can choose to participate in a total of two events; one event for your children enrolled in our Legacy Academy program (Sponsorship Party or Home Visit), and one event for your children at the Tree of Life (Tree of Life Picnic). Please refer to the list below to discern which events apply and appeal to you.

Legacy Academy Sponsorship Party
A Sponsorship Party is held at the Legacy Center hilltop, where you will enjoy fellowship, snacks, music and playtime with your students from the communities. Please note that the availability of these children is not guaranteed, dependent on camp rostering. A child rostered for Camp Life will not be eligible for a Sponsorship Party.

Cost per student invited to the party: $50

Excel Beyond Dinner
The Excel Beyond Dinner is a dinner with your sponsored Excel Beyond student(s). The dinners are held at the Legacy Lodge. This is an opportunity to hear more about the Excel Beyond program, have intentional time with your student, and hear testimonials from past and current students. You can invite any student that you or your immediate family member sponsor or got sponsored who is currently enrolled in EB.

Cost per student: $50

Tree of Life Picnic
The Tree of Life Picnic is a restful picnic lunch with your sponsored Tree of Life student(s). The picnics are held at the Legacy Center hilltop, followed by playtime and fellowship on the playground. You can invite any student that you or your immediate family member sponsor or got sponsored. You may also have a Picnic with any house of which you serve as the house captain.

Cost per student invited to picnic: $20



We want to make sure you are aware that not all participants qualify to have a sponsorship event. You are eligible to participate in a sponsorship event if:


How Do I Sign Up?

Each applicant is given the opportunity on their application to select interest in both, Side Trips and Sponsorship Events. Following approval, your Mission Account Manager will connect with you to solidify your preferences. Your Mission Account Manager will help connect you to your preferred travel agent and/or collect your Sponsorship Event lists.

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