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Camp Life FAQs

What is Camp Life?
Camp Life is a cornerstone of Family Legacy’s mission to bring hope and transformation to Zambia’s most vulnerable children. It is a powerful, week-long experience for both the children we serve and the ambassadors who travel to Zambia to serve alongside us. Year after year, children by the thousands and ambassadors by the hundreds come together to experience God’s grace and transformation through His Word and the power of the Holy Spirit.

When can I go to Camp Life?
Camp Life takes place every summer. See below for 2024 dates.

How do I decide which week to attend?
If you sponsor a child in our program, you may wish to attend a week of camp that they attend. If you do not sponsor a child, choose which week works best for you.

What is the cost of Camp Life?
Camp Life costs $5,400 and is tax-deductible. This cost includes airfare, lodging, food, transportation, and covers the cost for the ten Zambian children that will be in your Camp Life group.

What does a week of Camp Life look like?
Participants will arrive on Saturday and depart on Friday. Monday through Friday includes leading and ministering to a group of ten children through various activities, small group sessions, one-on-one time, and much more.

How many days will I be gone for Camp Life?
The Camp Life trip is ten days, including travel.

How many people attend camp each week?
We have an average of 60 participants attend each week.

How do I apply for Camp Life?
Visit our website or login to your Family Legacy account for application access on Wednesday, October 25th. Be ready to submit or confirm passport information, travel details, add-on trip preferences, and pay a non-refundable application fee.

What are the cost and deadlines to pay for Camp Life?

Where will I sleep?
During Camp Life, all participants stay at Family Legacy’s lodging facility, Legacy Lodge. Each lodge has 12-15 rooms, outfitted with either a king bed for couples or two singles. Each room is equipped with a private bath.










What will I eat?
During your week of camp, we will provide you with a few staples for breakfast and lunch, as well as a fully prepared dinner.

What if I have dietary restrictions?
We provide options for individuals with dietary restrictions.

Can a minor go to Camp Life without a guardian?
A minor (an individual under the age of 18 years old) must have a legal guardian or family member with them to qualify for this trip.

Who are the children that attend Camp Life?
The children that attend camp are vulnerable and orphaned children from the surrounding communities in Lusaka, Zambia. Some of the children are students already sponsored and attending our Family Legacy schools year-round.

How many children will I have in my Camp Life group?
You will have 10 Zambian children in your group. If you are a male leader, you will have boys. If you are a female leader, you will either lead boys or girls.

Will the children in my group be sponsored or unsponsored?
You will have 2-3 children in your group that do not have a sponsor.

What week will my sponsor child attend?
If the child you sponsor is in 6th grade or below, they will be eligible to attend Camp Life. If you do not know what community your sponsor child is from, you can contact us at, and we can assist you.

Will I see my sponsor child at Camp Life?
If the child you sponsor lives in the community that attends your week of camp and is in the 6th grade or below, they will be rostered in your Camp Life group.

What if my sponsor child attends a different week of camp?
If your child attends camp a different week and you are not able to switch weeks, we encourage you to add a sponsorship event to your trip so that you can spend time with your sponsored child.

What if my sponsor child has aged out of camp?
If your child has aged out of camp, we encourage you to sign up for a sponsorship event.

What airline will I fly on?
Most participants fly on Emirates Airlines with a layover in Dubai. Family Legacy is happy to coordinate a different route on your behalf based on your needs.

Can I fly business class?
Yes, you can fly business class at an additional cost. Family Legacy will provide you will a quote upon your request.

Can I book my own travel?
Yes, you can book your own travel if you wish to do so. Family Legacy will offer you a discounted Camp Life rate.

Can I add-on a vacation to the trip?
Yes, many participants choose to add a 3+ day trip to their Camp Life trip. It’s a great opportunity to explore Africa and beyond. We will assist you in planning your trip by referring you to our preferred travel agencies.

What is a Sponsorship Event?
A Sponsorship Event is an opportunity for you to spend an additional day in Zambia with sponsored and/or connected students in Family Legacy’s sponsorship program that you will not see at Camp Life. Options include a Legacy Academy Sponsorship Party, a Home Visit, and a Tree of Life picnic.

What vaccines do I need?
Currently, the CDC and WHO do not require any immunizations for travel to Zambia. However, it is recommended that travelers consider vaccinations such as Hepatitis A, B and Typhoid, as well as staying up-to-date on routine vaccinations. Medication for Malaria is also recommended in Zambia, especially for those adding on a side trip vacation to their Camp Life experience. We recommend that you refer to your primary physician for medical advice, as the guidance you receive from them will be specific to you and your overall health. For more information about immunizations, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at

What if there is an emergency? Is medical help available?
Family Legacy’s Chief Medical Director, Dr. Brad Guffey, has four board certifications and specializes in Infectious Diseases. He will be available to assess the medical needs of participants if they should arise. In addition to Dr. Guffey, other qualified medical professionals and facilities are available in Lusaka.


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