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What is poverty and how can you help?

Poverty. It’s a word that comes up quite often in humanitarian aid and relief organizations around the world. In many charitable settings, overcoming poverty or alleviating it is the question that has been haunting humanity for centuries. But what is poverty? And how can just one person partner with an organization to make a difference? Can just one person make a difference in the world that is afflicted with poverty? The answer is simple: Yes. Before we get into the specifics of how you can help, let’s better understand what poverty is and how it affects the world. 

What is poverty?

The concept of poverty is often discussed in a monetary amount, like how much money a person possesses to meet basic needs. However, quality of life is also something to take into consideration when talking about poverty. For example, if basic needs are not met – like a place to live, food to eat and clothes to wear – a person’s quality of life can be, for lack of better words, low. 

More than 600 million people live in extreme poverty to date, and many of them survive on less than $1.90 a day. Over one billion people in 107 developing countries, accounting for 22% of the world’s population, live in multidimensional poverty, affecting 644 million children.

Poverty in Zambia

Zambia, located in southern Africa, is a large country with about 17.9 million people living primarily in urban areas; more specifically, the capital city, Lusaka. To this day, Zambia continues to be one of the world’s youngest countries by median age, being only 16 years old. 

For children living in poverty, health, well-being and development become increasingly problematic. For many children living in Zambia, access to education, healthcare and even nutritious food is scarce. Politicians, historical figures and humanitarians alike have stated that education is a fundamental step in alleviating poverty, and that educating a child can build a foundation for breaking the cycle of generational poverty. 

Ways you can help

Family Legacy began in 2003, with Zambia as its sole focus, to raise a generation of vulnerable and orphaned Zambian children holistically: physically, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually.

At Family Legacy, we believe access to education can one day help eradicate cyclical poverty in Zambia. We believe that educating students and presenting the gospel through our private Christian Academy Schools helps them reach their God-given potential and impact their nation.

Through our Child Sponsorship Program, you can make a direct and immediate impact on a child’s life.

As a sponsor, you are not only coming alongside a child, but their caregiver, our staff in Zambia, their teachers and a vast network of people who can speak encouragement, wisdom and love into a child’s life.

Join us by sponsoring a child today to make a lasting difference, not only in a child’s life but also in the future of Zambia! 

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