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The Art of Biblical Preaching

Workshops Designed to Equip Effective Preaching

Spiritual formation is one of the most important focuses in Family Legacy’s mission to enable children in Zambia to reach their God-given potential. When Jesus Christ draws children to Himself and helps them to believe in Him as their only Lord and Savior, nothing could be more significant. Therefore, investing in the spiritual development of pastors, evangelists and discipleship workers is crucial for spreading the Gospel. It is


 paramount for these kinds of people to have an accurate, clear, concise and comprehensive understanding of Biblical truths as well as to have the best tools to read the Bible in context and with the right application.

“We host workshops for our discipleship staff to equip them with tools that will make them more effective, but we have also made use of an opportunity to include local Zambian pastors who want to be trained on howto be more effective in ministry. We put together a hermeneutics workshop to help them master the art of preaching and having greater wisdom in how to read and teach directly from the Bible.” – Danny Lightner, Director of Integrated Programs, Former VP of Discipleship.


Hermeneutics is basically defined as the science of interpreting the Bible. As Family Legacy’s mission continues to make disciples of children, much prayer must be made for those who are charged with shepherding their souls.

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