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How Sponsorship Impacts Children Spiritually 


Camp Life is the cornerstone of Family Legacy’s mission to transform the lives of vulnerable and orphaned children in Lusaka, Zambia. It also serves as the entry point for every child who attends our program. This weeklong event is filled with singing, dancing, playing and fellowship — but most importantly, children are taught that there is a God that loves them more than they could ever know.

Let’s look back at Summer 2017. We hosted Camp Life for more than 3,000 children, and the theme was “God is my Father”. For children who had never attended camp before, this was the first time they heard that message. For others, the week served as a critical reminder of the hope and joy found in their Creator.

We have stated many times that our mission at Family Legacy is for children to reach their God-given potential. However, our prayer is that every child that leaves camp becomes a light for Christ in his or her community and brings others to His Kingdom. Every soul that is won for Christ is a cause for celebration.

Through sponsorship in our Legacy Academy program, you are making it possible for children to continue to grow and nurture their faith. Here are some ways we cultivate this growth:

Weekly Bible Classes 

All children who attend Legacy Academy receive 1-2 Bible classes per week taught by the discipleship staff. The curriculum currently used is called “Disciple One”, which teaches the children about the Bible and what it means to follow Jesus. It also addresses the unique needs that vulnerable children in our program may have.

Spiritual Programs in Legacy Academy Schools & Government Schools 

In our Legacy Academy schools, children can ask discipleship staff for prayer or biblical guidance on issues they are having personally or at home. Our discipleship staff is equipped to help children work through trauma and other difficulties they may face by applying the Word of God to a child’s life. Discipleship staff receives training from our counseling/psychosocial department on how to assess a child’s level of trauma and how to best intervene. Legacy Academy children receive devotionals in God’s Word from various staff members during school assemblies 2-3 times per week.

Even though children at government schools are not attending our campuses, we are intentional about making sure their spiritual needs are met, too. About 3-4 times per year, Family Legacy discipleship staff will host outreach events in 15 partner churches across Lusaka for government schoolchildren. These events last about three hours long and will include worship, a sermon and small group discussions. We have had hundreds of decisions for Christ come out of these events! We also seek to connect government school children with an Evangelical church in their community.

Partnership with Local Churches

In addition to partnering with the 15 churches mentioned above for government school outreach, we are also inviting churches to meet in our Legacy Academy schools on Sunday mornings. We have secured five new partnerships in 2021 alone and hope to partner with more in the future for sponsored children and their guardians to attend. For Legacy Academy children, government school children and their guardians to be able to connect with these churches multiplies our discipleship efforts immensely!

Guardian Outreach 

When you choose to sponsor a child, your sponsorship goes beyond the holistic care of the child — it touches the life of the child’s guardian, as well. Several times a year, guardians come to the Legacy Academy schools for various reasons, such as training in personal hygiene, parent/teacher conferences and other opportunities. While the guardians are present, the discipleship staff preaches the gospel to them! Some guardians are involved in “village banking” groups we have launched across communities in Lusaka. These participants come to learn about personal finance and the importance of saving and investing. They also receive a devotional lesson.

Addressing the spiritual needs of children in our program is essential. As a sponsor, you play a unique role when you pray by name for the child you sponsor and share about your relationship with God.

We are blessed to share the love of God and the purpose He has for each and every child with the thousands of children we serve in our program. We believe that when children discover that they are known and loved by God and that he has a plan for them, they find a new hope and purpose for their lives.


Choosing to sponsor a child today can give a child in Zambia, Africa a brighter future, will you join us today as a sponsor? Sponsor a child by visiting today!

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