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We Couldn’t Do it Without Our Team


Did you know that Family Legacy staffs over 900 Zambians that make our programs, schools, and experiences work successfully? Our amazing staff is passionate about their work and ensures that your sponsored student is cared for at all times.


Teachers: At the forefront of your sponsored students’ education, our teachers are trained frequently throughout the year on best teaching practices and learning strategies to best equip Family Legacy students. We believe we have some of the best teachers in Zambia, preparing your sponsored student for their greatest potential.



Social services: Child safety is one of our top priorities for the students in our program. The Social Services department ranges from child protection officers who go into the community to check on students and their families to community development officers who engage our students and families with different resources to meet needs.


Discipleship Staff: Helping our students embrace and live out the gospel is at the heart of our ministry. Through structured discipleship classes, Bible studies, and other group meetings, students learn the scriptures and how to apply them to their lives. The love of Christ is also personified through the care and nurturing of our staff who daily invest in their growth and development.

This is simply a glimpse of a few of the pivotal roles within our ministry. We are so thankful to serve alongside such passionate and committed staff members who serve the children in our program daily.


We have several students in our program who are in need of a sponsor to come alongside them. Will you join us and sponsor a child today?


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