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You’ve Heard It All Before: Leave Your Legacy, But How?

When your life comes to an end, what do you want to be remembered for?

Many will be remembered as devoted spouses, parents, and friends. But is being remembered enough? We all aspire to leave a footprint on the world, but our work is intertwined in generations upon generations of people after us, carrying on where we left off. This is the impact that we aspire to as humans.

But how can you start to build a legacy and create a lasting one that will live beyond you?

Beyond Your Borders

Traveling the world, experiencing and delving into different cultures can be life’s best teacher. As Christians, we are commissioned to go into the world and make disciples of all nations, which can be accomplished in your neighborhood, city, country or internationally.

Mission trips are one of the many ways we can actively live out the gospel.

Getting out of your comfort zone and serving overseas can drastically expand your worldview and create lifelong memories for yourself and your family. Mission trips all have a singular mission to serve others, but how can you maximize your service to a nation? At Family Legacy, Camp Life is the cornerstone of our ministry and the entry point for all children who can enter our schools and program. As an ambassador at Camp, your life and the lives of 10 vulnerable children are radically transformed for years to come. What better way to begin laying the foundation for leaving a legacy than impacting a child’s life in Zambia so they can reach their full God-given potential?

Within Your Borders

Have you noticed that your local public library or university building is named after someone? Quite possibly, one of the more concrete ways to leave your legacy is by being honored with having a building named after you.

Typically, if you are honored with having a building named after you, you probably gave a generous donation or significantly impacted others in the world. Large donations are needed; however, there is also power in numbers. No matter how much you can contribute, every gift counts towards furthering the mission.

Participating in generous giving days such as North Texas Giving Day or Giving Tuesday in any amount can be a way to show special support to an organization, where there may be a challenge fund involved, meaning more money can go to where it’s needed most.

We use many of these funds to helps stabilize our sponsorship program, support the overall ministry and mission, and continue our development initiatives in Zambia.

Giving at any amount goes directly to our programs and infrastructures that help support the students in our programs. Which means you are making a difference on a different continent from the comfort of your own home.

Being there when needed most

At Family Legacy, you have the unique opportunity to sponsor a child in Lusaka, Zambia. A child who our staff has identified as vulnerable or orphaned. This could mean that a child is living in poverty or adverse conditions or has only one or no living parents.

Whatever the case may be, the odds are stacked against them for getting an education and seeing it through to the end. For many children in these circumstances, going to school is out of the question, whether they can’t afford it or their family needs them to help out financially.

As a sponsor, you play an immediate and crucial role in helping a child see education as a real opportunity in their life. Not only do you bridge a financial barrier, but you come alongside this extensive network of people that are speaking into, molding, and helping these children reach their God-given potential physically, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually.

You guessed it, sponsorship and stepping into the role of a sponsor is yet another way you can leave a lasting legacy, this time in the life of a child half a world away. Sponsorships can be long-lasting relationships starting at the very beginning of a child’s time in our program, communicating with them from their very first day in school to graduation from high school and beyond.

For older students that get sponsored because they lost their sponsor at some point, it can be a refreshing reminder that someone is thinking of them and wants them to achieve greatness. Your participation in their life is invaluable and one that will stay with them forever. Your generosity in their life will carry on through generations they will create.

So, what footprint do you want to leave on earth?

Let us know by messaging us on Instagram @Familylegacy! We’ll be awaiting your reply.

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