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Always had a heart for Africa? Here’s how you can help

Always Had a Heart for Africa? Action Steps to Making a Difference

For those who have a passion and heart for mission work. You can have a calling to your local community to serve and make disciples, but for you reading this post, the headline spoke to you differently. Have you felt a piece of your heart longing to serve in Africa? With 54 countries, Africa is a beautiful continent home to numerous tribes, tongues, cultures and traditions, but it also has bone-chilling statistics in mortality, healthcare and poverty. Many cannot ignore the need in Africa, but some answer the call that is placed in their hearts. If that is you, here are some ways you can help if you feel called to Africa.


Being the second-largest continent globally by landmass and population, Africa has a little bit of everything. If you have felt a tug at your heart to donate to a cause in Africa or even visit, it is beneficial to research and learn about Africa’s amazing wonders and diverse people.

Educating yourself can be the first step in understanding why Africa has a place in your heart and can expand your love for it. In the media, countries in Africa are often shown collectively as undeveloped, lacking in basic supplies and quality of life. While that is certainly not true for the continent as a whole, it is, unfortunately, true in some areas of the continent.


Identifying where you want to help is another key step in making a difference in Africa. In some areas, access to food and clean water can be problematic. In other areas, education and poverty can hinder a country from reaching its full potential. Though typically, these issues can go hand in hand.

Let’s take a closer look at the southern region of Africa, specifically Zambia. Currently, Zambia has one of the world’s youngest countries by median age, 17 years old. With over 17 million people, most living in Lusaka, the capital city, the population grows at about 2.8% due to the high fertility rate. If we take a closer look at the city of Lusaka, numerous communities surround the city where the lower-income population lives. In these communities, it is normal to see child-run households absent of one or both parents either because of death or guardians working constantly. Children are forced to help out with their families rather than getting an education. With the lack of education, the quality of employment decreases, resulting in a cycle of poverty that is hard to escape.

At Family Legacy, we provide an opportunity for children to have access to education and alleviate the burden on their families. Family Legacy owns and operates 23 private Christian schools in 17 communities around Lusaka, Zambia, providing education where needed most. A child attending one of these schools is provided one meal a day when they come to school and given a food blessing throughout the year to feed their family. Sponsoring a child at Family Legacy allows them to participate in the benefits listed above and so much more.


If you find your mind wanders to Africa (and as you have read this post, it focuses on Zambia) and your participation on how you can start to help, pray about it. It can be as simple as having a conversation with God on why Africa has been placed on your heart and what you can do. If you are involved with a charitable organization like Family Legacy that serves vulnerable and orphaned children in Zambia, pray specifically about events and things you’re involved in. If you attend a Food Packing event, you can pray for the food that will reach a child and nutritious their body. A school supply packing event? Pray for the child that will receive the pens and papers, and pray for the teacher that will have them in their classroom. If you sponsor a child, lift them up in prayer, specifically by name. God listens to your prayers and hears each one word for word, so you can make a difference by simply praying!

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