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Going Above and Beyond

In 2009, Erin and Chris traveled to Zambia to experience Camp Life with 10 excited children from the communities around Lusaka, the capital city. Many children in Zambia live in serious and extreme cases of poverty, this being a leading cause for many not being able to afford or be able to attend school. Erin and Chris instantly found a connection to helping these children and returned home with a fire to continue to support and spread the word about the children they had met that summer.

Since then, their entire family has become involved with Family Legacy through Camp Life and Sponsorship. Through support from caretakers, Family Legacy staff, vigorous academics, and love and support from U.S. sponsors, the family was able to see their sponsored children blossom before their eyes. One family member, Tricia, decided to go a step beyond to continue spreading the work of Family Legacy. Her business, Morning Side Cavapoos dedicates all profits to the ministry to support and invest in the educations of the children in Zambia. Now anyone who adds an adorable Cavapoo to their family is also exposed to Family Legacy and the wonderful ministry and work done in Zambia!

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