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Future Full of Hope

“My life before going to school at Family Legacy was not stable. It was challenging in terms of paying for my school fees since my grandparents had no means and they were not able to work. They used to do odd jobs to earn a living and so it was not easy for them to send me to school, most of the time I would be chased out of class for failing to pay school fees.

Family Legacy’s presence in our lives has impacted us tremendously. They have guided me to know God more than I knew Him ever before. I have learned about Jesus Christ and how important He is in my life. My spiritual life is better and I am thankful.

Family Legacy has made me a different person. I have completed grade 12 of my education which many have not done in my family. It was not easy for my grandparents, but after being enrolled in school with Family Legacy, it was a burden relief for my grandparents. They no longer needed not to worry about my education anymore because Family Legacy provided everything that was needed at school.

My family and I used to go occasionally without food, but  Family Legacy’s Feed One Program, my family benefited and tremendously and now has a new sense of pride. Having me as their child and seeing that I have graduated from grade 12 is such an honor for them. Their future is full of hope because the God we know through Family Legacy is on our side and He will bless the work of my hands. My family is thankful for the services Family Legacy is offering to many families – we are forever grateful.”

-Wesley, an Excel Beyond Student from Misisi

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