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Forever Grateful

“I love everything about being at school. This is the place I am most happy and receive the best care.”

Esther is a seventh-grade student at Bauleni Legacy Academy. Well-spoken and full of confidence, she expresses her dreams of becoming a medical doctor as a means to fulfilling a passion to help people in need. An undeniable look of hope glimmers in her eyes as she speaks of what could lie ahead in the future. Attending school is not merely a means to satisfy societal expectations but rather a launching pad for her to propel above the circumstances she has grown up in.

“Life has not been easy. I have been raised by a single mother and have never known my father, who abandoned us when I still very small. We were always in survival mode, never settling down and constantly in a state of anxiety. This greatly affected my confidence and gave me little incentive to aspire to anything.”

Much like any young girl her age, Esther enjoys being with friends and playing netball. She doesn’t wear the cloak of victimhood, choosing to rise above what would otherwise depress her. She is hard working and a stand out student with teachers speaking very highly of her. Relishing an opportunity to be at school, Esther lives with a deep sense of gratitude in her heart.

“If it wasn’t for Family Legacy, I might have been just another child roaming the streets. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have this kind of support system that is equipping me with what I need to achieve my goals and giving me a sense of belief that it can be done. This is some of the most consistent stability I have experienced in my life and I am so grateful.”

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