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Farming God’s Way

The Tree of Life children’s Village has begun developing its very own farm. This initiative is an extension of a newly developed trades program designed to teach children skills to help them flourish.

“My foremost desire for the farm is that it will point everyone who sees it to God and bring Him glory, honor and praise. My prayer has always been to disciple people by introducing them to the Lord through His creation. I believe this is why the Lord moved me to Zambia. It is my passion in life.”

Jim Evans, the director of this farming project, has been living in Zambia for several years, previously being at the helm of the Excel Beyond program. Elaborating further on his vision for the farm, Jim continues:

“My secondary desire is that the farm would become self-sustaining and income-generating in a significant way. I would love to use the farm to partner with students who have left Family Legacy to start their own business by purchasing our excess produce and selling it in the market. I would also love to eventually expand the impact of the farm by producing, processing and supplying all the food consumed in our schools. In the end, I hope this Farm will become a Testimony of how good our God is and how far He will take us when we trust Him wholeheartedly.”

A project like this sounds exciting but what makes it unique and worth pursuing?

“The farm can generate income that can help offset financial shortfalls at the TOL and can be expanded to the Legacy Academy Schools with time. The farm can help children learn the value of work and develop a good work ethic. This initiative will teach skills that they can take with them when they leave the TOL to help feed their families and earn a livelihood. It gives great opportunity to teach biblical truths and conduct discipleship in a way that a person can see and understand.”

The excitement around this project is undeniable. And for many, it has become a needed lease of refreshed innovation and focus. Children can already be seen taking an interest and being involved in preparing and harvesting vegetable gardens; excited to be learning skills they won’t easily forget.

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