COVID-19 FAQ & YOUR SPONSORED CHILD - Family Legacy Missions International


How is Family Legacy responding to the COVID-19 crisis in Zambia? And how will this affect my sponsored student(s)?

Currently, Family Legacy has shifted its immediate focus to caring for the escalating needs during this intense third wave of COVID-19 in Zambia. We are looking to purchase much-needed oxygen tanks, medical supplies and COVID-19 testing kits for our medical staff on the ground. We anticipate the need to be great, specifically in the areas of food supply, and hospital and medical-related expenses, as well as extra staff, to assist in treatment for our children, their families and our staff. 


What are my sponsorship donations going toward while students are out of school? 

Currently, all students will be screened by our medical team and regular follow-ups will be conducted as needed. Food blessings and homework packets are being distributed to all students and will continue to be provided while schools are not in session. 


What should I do if my sponsored student reaches out to me on social media? 

If you are a sponsor and learn that one of your sponsored students is unwell or testing positive for COVID-19, direct them to reach out to any Family Legacy staff in Zambia and you can contact us by sending an email to


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