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Students Feeding Students

Students, We Need You!

“Whatever you have done unto the least of these, you have done it unto Me.”
Matthew 19:14

Tired of sitting at home with nothing to do? Has Tik Tok finally gotten to be enough? We have a challenge for you! Join us by fundraising and engaging your social networks to help our kids in Zambia!

Due to COVID-19, we have an immediate need to send 500,000 meals to our kids in Zambia. To fulfill this need, we need you to join our STUDENTS FEEDING STUDENTS service project. And you can do it all right from your own home! This project will address the need for restocking our food supply in Zambia, so we ensure our kids remain fed despite the global impact of the virus.

This is a BIG goal, but we serve a BIG God; the children in Zambia need our help more than ever before.

How it works: There are three ways to participate.

1. Set a goal and start a fundraiser! A 14-day supply of food for one child costs about $4. So, if you set your goal at $1,000, you will feed 9 children for 1 year!

2. Schedule a Home Delivery Packing Event

Do you and your family want a project together? We’ll make it easy and bring the supplies to your home and pick them up when you are done. The cost for this depends on how many meals you want to pack. * On average, 1 Person can pack 200 meals in 1 hour.

3. Start a fundraiser and do a Home Delivery Feed One Event! If your heart is full for the children in Zambia and you want to do as much as you can, maybe this option is for you. Both set a goal to fundraise for Family Legacy’s Zambian food needs and host a Home Delivery Feed One food packing event.

Ready to get started?? Fill out the form below to either set your goal or schedule your Home Delivery Packing Event (or both!), and learn more through our fundraising tips and tools to help you create your own campaign! Visit our social media tool kit we have prepared for you to help you share with your networks

At Family Legacy, we believe that students can change the world. When each of us plays our part, whether in Zambia or here at home, we’ll be #aparttogether.

Our deadline for 500,000 meals is May 30!
So let’s get started TODAY!
Please put N/A if you are only doing a Home Delivery Packing Event
Please put N/A if you are only doing a Home Delivery Packing Event
Please let your network of people giving to you know NOT to CLICK SUBMIT MORE THAN ONCE to avoid your card being charged multiple times