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Students Feeding Students Social Media Toolkit

As you are crafting your social media posts to raise awareness of your involvement with our Students Feeding Students Campaign, feel free to use the photos below as well as the sample social media posts and customize them to your preference. To download the photos, simply right click and select Save Image As.

Photos for Social Media Use


Sample Social Media Posts

Post #1

Hey Friends! I want to let you know about this AMAZING challenge I am participating in at Family Legacy. It is called Students Feeding Students and the goal is to send 500,000 meals to Lusaka, Zambia during the COVID-19 crisis. Our goal date is Saturday, May 30th so I would love your help!

To donate visit: (Include your personalized link) or text (NAME) to (NUMBER)

Post #2

Are you bored at home and there is nothing new on Netflix to watch? Drop that remote and join the challenge! I am helping with Students Feeding Students and I need your help. By donating through the link below by Saturday, May 30th, you can help us reach our goal to send 500,000 meals to Lusaka, Zambia. Join us in this challenge that I am so passionate about to bless a child and their family in Zambia.

To donate visit: (Include your personalized link) or text (NAME) to (NUMBER)

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FAQS/ Talking Points
  1. Where does the food go?
    • The food that is packed goes to feed the students in our sponsorship program, who live in and around Lusaka, Zambia, the country’s capital.
  2. How does the food get to Zambia?
    • We send the food in large container vessels. Each container holds approximately 200,000 meals. Family Legacy sends about 15 containers of dry food to Zambia each year.
  3. Why is the food needed?
    • Basic needs, like food, can be scarce for vulnerable and orphaned children. Ensuring our kids have a nutritious meal is a primary way to keep healthy and capable of learning and thriving. We serve about 4 million meals to our students in Zambia each year. Due to COVID-19, and like most students in the US, Zambian schools are closed, as are many businesses. Our ability to ensure the children in our program have healthy food during this time is more important than ever.
  4. What kind of food is it and what are the benefits?
    • We serve lentil and soy-based food to the students in our program. Lentil-based food is loaded with high energy proteins to add to the development of our students. All our food packs are dry, nonperishable food and have a shelf life of two years.