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Thank you for helping change lives!

Your donation will play a critical role in equipping and empowering Zambian children to reach their fullest potential as they receive spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical care. We are grateful for your willingness to provide hope and transform lives!

We are seeking monthly financial partners to contribute toward the needs of students who are currently unsponsored.
We want to see every child in Zambia live out their full, god-given potential.
We invite you to join us in glorifying God by serving the vulnerable and orphaned children of Zambia so they can live out their full God-given potential.
Give to hope for Zambia Today
“I may not have much, but I always give my children the best that I have. I just want them to put God first in everything and be able to take care of themselves well. The fact that they are in school right now is something I am so grateful for.”
Florence Miti, Ngombe
Mother of Hope for Zambia Child