Welcome to the Feed One Event hosted by PJ Rasmussen!

For the past two summers I have had the opportunity to attend a life changing program called Camp Life in Lusaka, Zambia where I spent a week serving underprivileged orphans. Zambia has the highest density of orphans in the world. The kids are amazing, but they endure unfathomable hardships in one of the most impoverished environments anywhere.

At Camp Life, we minister to and care for the children. The average orphan suffers rampant physical and sexual abuse, eats one meal a day at best, and lives without an opportunity for formal education. Typically both parents are deceased, and the kids have no hope. Through Camp Life we are giving these children hope and a foundation for their future. Upon my return, through a network of generous sponsorships, I have arranged for my 10 orphans to attend a Family Legacy Academy, an extraordinary faith-based education system comprised of 22 schools built to serve the orphans of Zambia. These precious kids are now off the streets and excelling in every way. Here’s where you come in. The Family Legacy Academy in Garden District, the slum where my orphans come from, is exceptional. But they still need resources. I have taken it upon myself to raise $50,000 to provide 125,000 meals for the children of Garden. This amount will feed the children at school for a full year. I am asking for your support in my project to help transform the lives of these precious children.

This project will make a tremendous and tangible difference in the lives of the 761 orphans who attend the school – it will provide them with one meal a day that they otherwise might not have. This vital meal fosters drastic physical and mental development. I have arranged for this project to be the junior class project at my school, Jesuit. I have also arranged for support from other Dallas high schools. We are partnering with Feeding Children Everywhere, an organization that fights hunger globally. With our funding, Feeding Children Everywhere will provide the food, and Family Legacy will ship the food to Zambia. I am recruiting 300 of my classmates and friends to package 125,000 meals at Jesuit on February 18, 2017. Thank you for your friendship and consideration.


PJ Rasmussen

**All the meals packed at this event will be used in our Legacy Academy school in Garden.


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