What will the NEXT 50 years bring?


In the first half century since Zambia’s independence in 1964, the young country was beset by trouble on all fronts. Here’s what we envision for the NEXT 50 years going forward:

Screen-Shot-2015-06-16-at-5.11.15-PMZambia’s current life expectancy of 51.5 years is unacceptable. Every child deserves a long, healthy, and spiritually-focused life.

Thriving, faith-based Zambia will be blessed in the future by the children of today—children who are learning Biblical truths and salvation through Christ. Better Leaders. Faith-based education will help rescue a lost generation of orphans. They will come to lead Zambia with character and integrity.


With your help, we’ll see a new, better Zambia by 2064, the country’s centennial.

Today, there are fortunate Americans seeking purpose and significance for themselves and their next generations.

Today, there are one million Zambian orphans who, if they live beyond childhood, will impact the future of Zambia. Perhaps positively; perhaps negatively.

Next 50 is the long-term vision of Family Legacy to change a nation, one child at a time, by connecting loving Americans to God’s heart for the orphan child through Christian education and quality health care. It is a countdown to Zambia’s centennial in 2064, when Zambia’s orphans of today will become that country’s workers, leaders, doctors, teachers and physicians – well-educated, embracing Christian values and living by the highest moral code, transforming Zambia into a leader on the continent of Africa.


Here’s how NEXT 50 works.

Family Legacy is a conduit connecting American families to God’s heart. At the center of God’s heart are Zambia’s orphans.

Rather than suggesting that accumulated monetary donations help deliver an orphan population to adulthood, we choose to awaken families here to the daily strife of individual orphans.

Face to face. Heart to heart. With our families’ help, Family Legacy prepares orphans with faith-based, moral and scholastic education in Family Legacy schools, provides meals, and constructs the necessary facilities to care for the orphans’ daily needs, like housing and hospitals.

Our vision goes far beyond what most could believe possible. We see American families experiencing an awakening; a transformation. They discover that caring, purpose, and giving are crucial components to living a full and successful life. Once transformed, they pass along something far more valuable than an estate to their next generations.