How do you build the NEXT 50 years of an entire nation? You start by investing in a generation of Zambian children long deprived of the opportunity to grow in knowledge and truth. Christian education is crucial to breaking the cycle of economic poverty that plagues the lives of the orphan and vulnerable children of Zambia.

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Houston, Texas

Ben Carson, M.D.

Hilton Americas
Thursday, October 16th
6:00 pm - Orphan experience
         and registration
7:00 pm - Dinner served

Houston Co-Chairs

  • Carolyn and Dale Hortenstine
  • Liz and Greg Pipkin
  • Jennifer and Wil VanLoh
  • Host Committee
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Dallas, Texas

President and Mrs. George W. Bush

Omni Dallas Hotel
Saturday, October 18th
6:00 pm - Orphan experience
         and registration
7:00 pm - Dinner served

Dallas Co-Chairs

  • Cindy Brinker Simmons
  • Jennifer and Wil VanLoh
  • Heather and Ray Washburne
  • Host Committee
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A nation in crisis

The state of the nation of Zambia is dire.

With the 7th highest HIV/AIDS infection rate in the world, extreme destitution and constant deprivation of the opportunity to grow in knowledge and truth, the typical Zambian citizen dies far too young. With a median age of only 16 years, Zambia is essentially a country of children. The youth dependency ratio, a metric used to determine the burden on those within the population who are of working age, is a shocking 91.8%. This translates into 12.9 children per working adult—a stark indicator of the vast number of children relying on a shrinking adult population.

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16.7 Median age of people
12.9 Children per 1 working adult
7th Highest HIV/AIDS infection rate in the world
  • 100+
  • 95 - 99
  • 90 - 94
  • 85 - 89
  • 80 - 84
  • 75 - 79
  • 70 - 74
  • 65 - 69
  • 60 - 64
  • 55 - 59
  • 50 - 54
  • 45 - 49
  • 40 - 44
  • 35 - 39
  • 30 - 34
  • 25 - 29
  • 20 - 24
  • 15 - 19
  • 10 - 14
  • 5 - 9
  • 0 - 4
  • 0
  • 0.4
  • 0.8
  • 1.2
30% Of children make it past 7th grade
15% Of children make it past 9th grade
5% Graduate from high school
How do you change a country?

Change starts
with education

Over 6,400 Zambian children are currently educated in one of Family Legacy’s 18 primary schools, known as LIFEWAY Christian Academies (LCAs). Well-trained teachers instruct children who receive the individual attention needed to truly become educated, breaking the cycle of poverty in the process. Through this personal attention and high-quality education, a generation of future leaders is in the making.

All teachers employed by Family Legacy require teaching certificates or a degree, and world-renowned education trainers make their way to Zambia twice a year to lead seminars for Family Legacy’s educators.

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Schools established by Family Legacy


Student-to-teacher ratio at our schools


Children attending Family Legacy schools

What's next?

The Next Step is
Building Schools

Primary Schools

The Future of Family Legacy's LIFEWAY Christian Academy Primary Schools.

High Schools

The Future of Family Legacy's LIFEWAY Christian Academy High Schools.

Each year, approximately 2,600 children receive sponsorship through the Father’s Heart program. As a result, more and more children are entering one of our 18 primary schools. As top-tier educators, Family Legacy will not sacrifice the quality of education our children receive, so the need for more schools, space and teachers is critical.

In addition, Zambia’s few government high schools are reaching their capacity. Children who attend LCAs receive superior attention and instruction and are enveloped with Christian teachings as they go through our discipleship program, Disciple ONE. We want them to remain in this uplifting, high-quality learning atmosphere.

The need to build high schools and grow our primary school facilities is immediate. Our schools will provide tools necessary to give these children the greatest advantage, equipping them to be the future leaders who will change this nation.


Help Zambia’s future by donating
Family Legacy's Next50 campaign.