Month of Love Resource Page


Here you will find downloadable graphics, Talking points, FAQs and so many other resources to help you. If at any moment you need help or have any questions, please email our sponsorship team at sponsorships@familylegacy.com or give us a call at 972-620-2020 ext 4.

Helpful Talking Points

We understand that it can be hard talking about sponsorship, especially if you haven’t had the chance to travel to Zambia and meet the child you will be advocating for in person. Some things to keep in mind when talking to potential sponsors are:

  1. Share your personal experience of how sponsorship has impacted your life. 
  2. Emphasize the relational aspect of sponsorship through our letter-writing opportunities. At the core of sponsorship is the relationship between a sponsor and their sponsored student. Sending letters back in forth is a great way to share prayer requests, different cultures, and learn about each other’s families. As a sponsor, it is also amazing to see the transformation in your sponsored students writing. As they progress through school, their writing skills flourish! 
  3. Highlight the wonderful aspects of sponsorship: Education, Nutrition, and Discipleship. 
    1. Education: In a developing country like Zambia, education is an instrumental tool that can radically transform the nation. At Family Legacy, we strive for excellence at each one of our schools throughout Lusaka to provide students in our program with a high-quality education. 
    2. Nutrition: We seek to promote a healthy and productive learning environment, a child receives a hot, nutritious lunch every day at school. Additionally, through our Feed One program, we provide regular distributions of food to the families of children that regularly attend class. 
    3. Discipleship: Through our discipleship program, we hope to teach our students how to live a life modeled after Jesus, study scripture and how to apply it to their daily life.


What is my money going towards?

Your donations support the overall operations of our Child Sponsorship Program. While your donations do not go directly to your sponsored child (in accordance with IRS guidelines), they do allow your child to participate and receive all the benefits of the program (education, food, and discipleship) that are provided to every child in the program. 

When will my sponsorship end? 

Sponsorships are ongoing and may last as long as the sponsor chooses or until the student completes his or her education. Our goal is for all of our students to go as far as they can in their education and we would love to sponsors to support them throughout that process. 

What happens to my child if I stop sponsoring him or her? 

If you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to continue your sponsorship, please contact our Sponsorships department and we would be happy to assist you. Should you need to end your sponsorship, your student will remain in our Legacy Academy program and we will work to find them another sponsor.


Shareable “Family Legacy’s Month of Love” Instagram Stories:
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Shareable “Family Legacy’s Month of Love” Instagram posts:
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For the Love of Sponsorship Heart Template
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Shareable “Family Legacy’s Month of Love” Social Media Posts:
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Hey everyone! I just became an advocate for NAME for Family Legacy’s Month of Love! The educational Sponsorship program is an opportunity for a child in Zambia to attend school, receive a hot meal, and grow spiritually; which is the hope of many children there. Not only would John be receiving an education, nutrition, and discipleship in our program, with a sponsor he will be able to grow in a relationship and make a connection with someone thousands of miles away! The relationship between a student and their sponsor can be transformational on both sides of the ocean and I would love for you to experience that too. Will you help me by sponsoring John for and making a difference in his life! 

Hey everyone! I just became an advocate for NAME for Family Legacy’s Month of Love and I am trying to find a new sponsor for him! Providing sponsorship will equip him with an education, nutrition, and discipleship! Your help will not only impact John’s life but also the nation of Zambia. 

Hey Everyone! I want to share an awesome opportunity for you to get involved with Family Legacy’s Month of Love Campaign! Month of Love is a chance to become an advocate and stand as a voice for the unsponsored children in Family Legacy’s Sponsorship department!  With the nearly 15,000 students in the program already, there are still plenty of children that are in need of sponsorship. 

Becoming a sponsor gives a child a chance at reaching their God-given potential by giving them an education, nutrient-rich meals, and discipleship. All elements that will radically transform the lives of children, their families, and the nation of Zambia. Being able to see first-hand a student grow and tell you all the interesting and amazing subjects they are learning in school is just one of the many amazing aspects of sponsorship in this program. You can make a difference by sponsoring a child or becoming an advocate and spreading the word to everyone you know! 

Hey everyone! Family Legacy is looking for new sponsors and advocates to get 200 children sponsored this month during their Month of Love. Providing sponsorship will equip him with an education, nutrition, and discipleship! You can make a difference by transforming a child’s life in Zambia. 

Hey everyone! I’m participating in Family Legacy’s Month of Love Campaign, and I would like for you to join me. The goal of this campaign is to locate sponsors for 200 of our unsponsored students in the Legacy Academy program. I chose to become a sponsor for a student because…..(insert personal touch)