Feed One – Food Packing Event

Family Legacy’s Feed One food packing event is a one-day service project for you, your friends and family that benefits the orphaned and vulnerable children of Zambia.

At this Feed One event we are providing volunteers with the opportunity to pack nutrient-rich, protein-filled meals for children in our Legacy Academy schools.

Children who are fortunate enough to attend school often find it difficult to concentrate with the gnawing pain of hunger ravaging their stomachs. At Legacy Academy schools, we alleviate this problem through our school lunch program that provides each student with a daily, hot meal that is rich in nutrients.

Family Legacy partners with Feeding Children Everywhere to provide these nutritious meals for the children in our program. The hot lunch their team has developed fuels children’s bodies and minds, too. Students maintain their attendance, in part, because they look forward to a wholesome, hot meal every school day.

Join us for a day of service that will make a tremendous impact on the lives of the children we serve. You can sign up for our current Feed One events on the right side of the page. Sign up with your family, friends, co-workers, Bible study group, youth group, classmates or neighbors to be a part of packing meals in one day for the children Family Legacy serves!

If you would like to donate toward all Feed One food packing events geared toward Legacy Academy schools in George, you can do so on our general donate page for Misisi.

*If you are interested in hosting a Feed One event please contact us at info@familylegacy.com.