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Family Legacy’s NEXT 50 Movement

Family Legacy’s vision for Zambia is for it to be transformed by the raising up of the next generation. We strive to see this become a reality through a movement we call, the NEXT 50. We are looking ahead to the next half-century of Zambia and to Zambia’s children to be the future community leaders of tomorrow, individuals who are well educated, embracing Christian values and living by the highest moral code.

Over the course of the next fifty years, we believe that Zambia has the opportunity to be transformed into a leader on the continent of Africa, creating a legacy of hope and salvation for future generations to follow. Through sponsorship by engaged Americans, we are seeing this movement come to fruition and we pray that it will continue to be accomplished by God’s grace and your faithful support.

Come on an Envision One Trip and See God at work!

The Envision One trip is a unique opportunity for sponsors and ambassadors to travel to Lusaka, Zambia to participate in the graduation of our Tree of Life and Legacy Academy students. The Envision One trip is an extremely impactful experience for both our students, as well as our ambassadors and sponsors. Many students would have never dreamt that they would obtain an education, much less a high school diploma, so this is a momentous accomplishment for them. Our students understand and deeply value the sacrifice you have made to invest in their lives through the gift of education, so sharing their graduation day with you is truly special for them.

We invite you to join us for this impactful experience. Please refer below for our trip dates.

Envision One Schedule (2018-19)

There are three options (inclusive of travel) available for participants interested in traveling to Zambia for Envision One.

December 31 – January 6* (participate in Tree of Life graduation only – Jan 3rd)
January 1 – January 7* (participate in the Legacy Academy graduation only – Jan 5th)
December 30 – January 7* (participate in both graduation ceremonies and enjoy an extra day with the Tree of Life children)

*Houston travelers return home one day earlier.

Depending on your trip of choice, additional activities and tours will be included in your trip. Sponsorship Events will be available for all three trip options.

For more information, email us at envisionone@familylegacy.com or call our office at 972-620-2020 Ext 119

**Sign-ups for Envision One will officially open on Friday, June 29th. Please refer back to this page and click the button below, or log on to your account to apply for Envision One.

**Since the Envision One trip is during the holiday season, flights will increase after October 1st. There is no sign-up deadline, but if you sign up after October first, the Envision One price is subject to change.

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