Dance for Their Chance

Dance for Their Chance is a fundraiser for 11th-12th graders. All proceeds go directly towards building a school for over 2,000 orphans in the slums of Lusaka, Zambia. We have already been blessed with a 4 acre property in the perfect location (right in between the communities called Matero and George) and now all we need is the money to build the school itself! We hope that you will join us for a night of fun so that orphans across the world will benefit from your kindness.

Family Legacy is the largest private educator in the country of Zambia. It has 22 private schools throughout the capital city of Lusaka, which educate thousands of needy children and orphans daily. At school the children get fed healthy food, get an outstanding education, and get elevated above the low status of just “an orphan child”. It is a small price to pay to give an orphan a chance in life.

Minimum donation requested is $50