Child Sponsorship Event

2 - Saturday - LA Party - Jason - 5625

Thank you for your interest in Family Legacy’s Child Sponsorship Event. Sponsorship events allow you the opportunity to spend time with your sponsored and/or connected children in Family Legacy’s sponsorship program outside of the standard Camp Life program. To sign up for a sponsorship event, you are required to indicate interest on your Camp Life application. If you have decided after the fact, please contact Layton Ford immediately, as this will affect your Camp Life travel itinerary by one day.

Sponsorship Event

Sponsorship Events require you to extend your Camp Life trip one day, as they typically take place the Saturday following your week of camp. Family Legacy offers three unique opportunities to choose from for your Sponsorship Event. Our team will work with you to coordinate all necessary details to help make your event a special experience.

Within your sponsorship event, you can choose to participate in a total of two events; one event for your children enrolled in our Legacy Academy program (Sponsorship Party or Home Visit), and one event for your children at the Tree of Life (Tree of Life Picnic). Please refer below to discern which events apply and appeal to you.

Important Dates

  • Sign up for a Sponsorship Event by December 5th
  • Send in the list of children you would like to invite to your Sponsorship Event by March 5th
  • Financial Deadline – $200 by March 5th (Once your invite list is finalized, you will then be charged per child for your event – No later than May 1st)

6 - Saturday - LA Party - Marshall - 8753

Sponsorship Party

A Sponsorship Party is at the Legacy Center hilltop, where you will enjoy fellowship, snacks, music and playtime with your students from the communities.

Children eligible: You can include an unlimited number of children who you or your immediate family sponsor or you are the sponsoring ambassador; as well as up to 6 children connected to you through friends, etc. Please note that the availability of these children is not guaranteed, depending on camp rostering.

Cost: $200 (extra night) + $50 per student


KRS_5794A Home Visit

A Home Visit allows you an opportunity to visit the home of your sponsored child(ren) enrolled in our Legacy Academy program to bless their family with a significantly nourishing food blessing and spend time getting to know them. Each family unit can visit up to four homes.

Cost: $200 (extra night) + $150 per student


1 - Saturday - TOL Picnic - Jason - 4027

 Tree of Life Picnic

The Tree of Life Picnic is a restful picnic lunch with your sponsored Tree of Life student(s). The picnics are held at the Legacy Center hilltop, followed by playtime and fellowship on the playground. You can invite any student that you or your immediate family member sponsor.

Cost: $200 (extra night) + $20 per student


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