Child Sponsorship Event

Thank you for your interest in Family Legacy’s Child Sponsorship Event. This event allows you the opportunity to extend your trip an additional day following the standard Camp Life trip (unless requested to arrive early and do so before) to spend time with your sponsored and/or connected children in Family Legacy’s sponsorship program.

What is a sponsorship event?

Family Legacy provides three unique opportunities for your sponsorship event. You may choose to participate in up to two total sponsorship events. This includes 1 of 2 options provided that are devoted to children enrolled in our Legacy Academy program (Sponsorship Party or Home Visit), as well at the Tree of Life Picnic if you have sponsored children in Family Legacy’s full-time care at the Tree of Life Children’s Village. Please refer below to discern which events apply and appeal to you.


A Sponsorship Party is at the Legacy Center hilltop, where you and your sponsored and/or connected children in our Legacy Academy sponsorship program can be invited to enjoy fellowship, snacks, music and playtime.

You are able to include an unlimited number of children who you sponsor or you are the sponsoring ambassador; as well as up to 6 children connected to you outside of sponsorship.


A Home Visit allows you an opportunity to visit the home of your sponsored child(ren) enrolled in our Legacy Academy program to bless their family with a significantly nourishing food blessing and spend time getting to know them.

The maximum number of home visits allowed is 4.


A Tree of Life Picnic is a restful picnic lunch with, held at the Legacy Center hilltop, followed by playtime and fellowship on the playground.

How do I sign-up for a sponsorship event?

On your Camp Life application, you will have the option to select your interest in extending your trip for a sponsorship event. If after the fact, please contact Layton Ford.

How much does it cost to participate in a sponsorship event and what does that cover?

The required amount (tax-deductible) to extend your trip and participate in a sponsorship event is $200/Camp Life participant. Additionally, the sponsorship event amount will increase based on the type of event and the amount of children involved.

Amount/child invited or included in the following events:

Sponsorship Party: $50

Home Visit: $200

Tree of Life Picnic: $20

Am I allowed to bring gifts to children included in my events?

You are allowed to bring gifts within the particular set of boundaries listed below.

Sponsorship Party and Home Visit

Gift Policy: Prior to your trip to Zambia, you will receive a drawstring backpack for each child invited
to your party.

In that backpack, a sponsor can give any or all items on the list below (but nothing additional): 

ONE Educational Item:
Storybook Bible or Bible depending on age, any children’s book (preferably a Christian book), daily devotional, journal

ONE Activity Item:
Soccer ball, volleyball, basketball, frisbee, jump rope, bubbles

THREE Health/Hygiene Items:
Bar of soap, wet ones, washcloth or towel, toothbrush, pair of black socks

ONE “Extra”:
Homemade gift from you or your family (for example a small craft project), small bag of candy

A card, letter and/or photo from you or your family

Tree of Life Picnic 

Gift Policy: Coming soon, please contact our office