Donate to: Chainda Legacy Academy


Since launching our Next 50 campaign in 2014, we have watched God open doors that only HE could open!  From the miraculous provision of 2 acres of prime land and allowing us to purchase the land, to the University of Oklahoma architecture school donating their services for master-planning the design of this school.  We at Family Legacy feel as if we have had a front row seat watching God bring freedom and provision into the lives of His deserving children in Chainda.  OH, how He loves His kids!!!

Today, after receiving the provision of several gifts to begin construction, we stand three months away from the opening of the school and can see the finish line up ahead.  But we still need you to get us there!

By God’s divine grace, Family Legacy has recently received an incredibly generous matching grant for $350,000!!  Once fulfilled, our students can experience a whole new daily reality at the brand new Chainda Legacy Academy beginning this summer!

The Remaining Need – this is where you come in!

  • We need $850,000 to finish the construction (of which $350,000 will come from matching grant)
  • We need $92,000 to furnish the first 18 classrooms ($7,500/classroom)

Your children have been on their knees praying every day for their new school.  And for me personally, I am witnessing a dream of now 14 years come to fruition – a dream of a brighter day for these blessed orphan children who have lived through unspeakable heartache and poverty in their short little lives.  Chainda was the very first place I visited during my first Camp Life experience in 2003, and walking among the red dirt pathways while ministering to children like my beloved Lahema in those early days is what united my heart forever to this nation.