Donate to: Chainda Legacy Academy

Since launching our Next 50 campaign in 2014, we have watched God open doors that only HE could open! From the miraculous provision of 2 acres of prime land, to the University of Oklahoma architecture school donating their services for master-planning the design of this school, we at Family Legacy feel as if we have had a front-row seat watching God bring freedom and provision into the lives of His deserving children in Chainda. OH, how He loves His kids!!

Construction of the school is nearing completion, and we can see the finish line up ahead, but we still need your help to get there!

On this multi-million dollar endeavor, we are just $633,000 away from covering the remaining construction and classroom furnishings. Once completed, this school will be one of the finest schools in all of Zambia! Will you please help us provide an unparalleled private education to thousands of Zambian children by contributing toward the school?

To donate to Chainda Legacy Academy, click the donate button on the right or send a check to:

Family Legacy
Attn: Chainda Legacy Academy
5005 West Royal Lane, Ste. 252
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Thank you for supporting the new Chainda Legacy Academy!