There are a number of children in our program who are currently in need of sponsorship. This Christmas season, our desire is to see these children receive a new sponsor as they welcome in the school year in January.

From now until December 25th, if you sponsor a child you will receive, along with your new sponsorship packet, a photo framed ornament of your sponsored child.  To view our unsponsored children, click on the Angel Tree image above. If you are looking for a specific child or have a Child ID, please click here.



The true heartbeat of Family Legacy is to transform the nation of Zambia by bringing each child to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and provide them with the opportunities they never imagined through the gift of an education. Many organizations are involved in educating children in Africa, but most do so in partnership with local community schools; however, Family Legacy owns and operates 24 private, Christian academies in 17 communities throughout Lusaka, Zambia and at our Tree of Life Children’s Village.

Family Legacy is committed to working in Zambia only. By doing so, we are maximizing the strategic impact we can have on its children and the transformation that will take place in that nation. We are confident that the future community leaders of Zambia will be among the students who graduate from our schools in the decades to come.

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In Lusaka, only the most privileged children have the opportunity to receive an education. Through our Legacy Academy schools, Family Legacy opens the door for underprivileged children to receive a quality, Christian education.

Our team in the Legacy Academy schools are unmatched in their heart and compassion for the vulnerable children of Lusaka. They seek to provide outstanding educational care for each student. Zambian officials and government school leaders have commented on the tangible difference in the mission and direction of our Legacy Academy schools, as well as the uniqueness of our staff and programs as a whole.

There are three sponsorship levels available in the Legacy Academies:

Children Grades 1 – 6
$48 monthly

Children Grades 7 – 9
$72 monthly

Children Grades 10 – 12
In a Legacy Academy – $96 monthly

In Government School – $72 monthly

For more information, please contact our staff at sponsorships@familylegacy.com or 972.620.2020 ext. 4.